Tenements, Exploration Potential

Exploration LicenceNameDate GrantedSize(km2)Expenditure Commitment: current one year period $
EL11/2008Mt Cameron16/12/083225,000
EL40/2011Mt Echo04/07/1218066,239
Map of Tasmania with Tin Dragon resources in the North East Marked
Tasmania, showing the location of Tin Dragon resources
Map showing tungsten anomalies in the Mt Echo Tenement
Tungsten anomalies in stream sediments.
Mt Echo Tenement


In addition to defined resources (see separate page), there is a large potential to find new resources. It is extraordinary that these tenements, with such a large endowment of placer tin, are almost totally unexplored for primary sources in bedrock:

  • Placer tin – estimated >30,000t cassiterite.
  • Primary tin deposits. Nearby sources of the cassiterite known to exist in apical parts of Devonian granites in contact with Silurian metasedimentary rocks and are unexplored. Greisen systems, and structurally controlled quartz vein stockworks/ sheeted veins are favoured styles.
  • Primary tungsten deposits. Extensive stream sediment anomalism in the Mt Echo Licence. Very little follow-up work has been done. Zoned tin-tungsten vein systems above granite cupolas are known in the area, and in the region these can be very large, such as at Aberfoyle/Storeys Creek.