Unique Opportunity

Unique opportunity because

  • Tin is a neglected growth market opportunity.
  • All assets can be acquired by purchasing the unencumbered Tin Dragon Pty Ltd.
  • Key ground position. The best unmined alluvial tin resources in NE Tasmania were identified and together lie in the company’s three Retention Licence applications.
  • Australia’s low sovereign risk/ favourable mining culture compared to other tin resource areas.
  • Tasmania has a co‐operative helpful government Mineral Resources department.
  • Excellent infrastructure and climate. Local workforce with mining expertise. Ready access via network of public roads. Scheme water and electricity. Close to major population centres, 140km to the city of Launceston.
  • Benefit of over 140 years of exploration data by government and major tin exploration/mining companies – estimate cost to repeat this is >A$10M.
  • Tin Dragon has assembled data totalling 77Gb. Includes more than 60,000m of drilling data. Modern GIS based and digitised historical work.
  • The deposits are open pittable, with methodologies established in prior mining.
  • Traditional high‐recovery metallurgy, producing clean concentrates.
  • By‐product production of gold, sapphires, and monazite.
  • Low capex and short development lead times can be expected, compared to offshore alluvials and to hard rock deposits.
  • No mining or exploration has taken place at the significant Pioneer and Endurance deposits for over 30 years.
  • Comprehensive environmental impact studies for Scotia and Endurance.
  • Previous government mining approval granted for the Scotia deposit.
  • No legacy legal liability for rehabilitation of prior mine sites.
  • Director Paul Askins (with deceased Jim Stewart) collectively more than 70 years’ experience in mineral exploration, with substantial experience specifically in tin exploration.
  • The defined resources of 14000t of cassiterite are worth ca A$200 million in‐the‐ground.