The Tin Dragon is FOR SALE

Tin Dragon Pty Ltd, an Australian private company owned jointly by Paul Winston Askins and the Estate of James Ian Stewart (deceased), is offered for sale.

Tin Dragon has, under application for Retention Licences, three large alluvial tin resources, at Scotia, Endurance and Pioneer, all in north-east Tasmania.

The preferred sale arrangement is to sell the Company, which has the application rights to these deposits, and has a very extensive database of all past exploration and mining.

A less preferred route is for a farm-in partner to earn equity by carrying out work to advance the projects to operating mines.

Summary information on each of the resources can be had on request.

Comprehensive information has been prepared on each of the resources, their geology, past mining and exploration. This data would be released to interested parties after signing a Confidentiality Deed. Expressions of interest are invited from the sole Director, Paul Askins.

Tin Dragon Animation from Matt van Rooijen on Vimeo.